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web_trafficAs you probably already know I love to write about ways to get web traffic. It's a challenge and I just love to create new sites for my clients and to find new ways to achieve high ranking and to drive targeted traffic to these sites. This is going to be a long post so let's just dive into it 🙂

Forum marketing

Forum marketing is another effective way in which you can draw traffic to your website and it can be done by joining relevant discussion groups on forums. Although there are thousands of forums online and the more forums you join the better for you, you should take into consideration that in order to benefit with the traffic these forums can provide you, you should contribute to the community by posting relevant ideas or blog posts as empty profiles won't last for long, the forum webmasters will definitely delete your profile. You can take part in discussion topics and offer your expert comments. You can even insert your website links in your posts so that if forum members want to find out more about your website or company they can click on the link or better, create your forum profile signature using your site keywords so that in every post, thread or comment, you'll have your signature that carries your website search terms as a back link. If you plan to join several forums then you should use LSI keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) as well and not only your site main keyword in your forum signature as LSI keywords are very important for high ranking in the search engine. If it's an authority forum then google will count that link as an important link to your site.

You will be able to get a lot of genuine people visiting your sites on such forums. Keep in mind that important forums do not allow to insert affiliate links in the signature so you'd better follow their TOS. If you are in the internet marketing niche, you can check my favourite forums (side bar) and if you aren't a member yet, I’d suggest you click the links and register, (not affiliate links). 

Traffic Software's

There are several software to increase traffic to your website. However before buying or using any traffic software you should read the review of the software as many traffic software's are bogus and they fail despite of making huge promises.

I've seen lately some new traffic software's on ClickBank market place and even promoted in the comments section (I’ve deleted these comments) by a few of this blog readers that promise you $ thousand of profit by simply investing $37 to $67 bucks and their very professional sales page clearly says that you need to do nothing more then click a few buttons. They also claim that you do not need a website, a product, you don't need article marketing, PPC, social networking marketing tactics, SEO or all the common ways to get website traffic. Yes, you just click 1, 2, and 3 and the money will start poring in. I would laugh if it didn't make me sad to know that there are new comers to our industry that will believe and will buy these software's hopping that they've stumbled upon the way to find the holly grail. Stay away (in bold), beware of these kind of promises, these are SCAMS and the products creators are scammers, sorry for being rude but there's no other word that will describe better these marketers.

I've been marketing online for a few years now and I can promise you, there's no such magic software and there are no other ways to generate traffic to your website in order to make money online BUT the common ways that involve all the traditional methods mentioned above, consistency and hard work. Follow these proven ways and you will certainly achieve the results you deserve for your efforts.

So lets talk a bit about effective Internet marketing software's. The purpose of these software's is to automate many tasks that you could have done manually. For example, article submission software's automatically register your information on more than 100 article directories and then automatically submit your articles with the resource box links after registration so in theory, we could get hundreds of backlinks from all of these article directories.

Internet marketers from all profession levels were using these software's to get the precious backlinks from high page rank articles directories but at the same time we knew that the same article submitted to hundreds of article directories won't benefit us as it did in the past, so we used article spinners software's to spin the article and we submitted spinned versions of the same article to get a higher number of backlinks. When google announced it's latest “caffeine update”, I've noticed that it doesn't index all the article versions and it doesn't count the way it used to count these backlinks even when they come from article directories authorities sites such as Ezine Articles, Article Base or Go Articles. As of today the article directories comes in the fifth or sixth place of importance after the social networks or web 2.0 properties in google's gods eyes.

I went back and checked my articles and discovered that google did pay attention to my spinned articles but it didn't indexed all of them although they had approximately 60% – 70% of uniqueness compared to the original version of the article. So, why I'm not getting the same number of backlinks I used to get from one spinned article?

Well, google is the internet leader and we're consistently testing our marketing strategies to uncover it's updates. While trying to figure out what it had learnt about article spinning I found that although my articles had a high percentage of uniqueness, google noticed that the format of my articles was the same, the exact number of words, paragraphs, the exact number of tables or image places, the exact number of links and the fact that they were in the same order and places in all of my articles.  

I guess “Caffeine update” is the right name for awakening and I think we should try different article marketing strategies, different ways to spin our articles and different approaches of content syndication.

I'm using "Answer Analyst" and “The Best Spinner” from Jonathan Leger, one of my most appreciated software developer and online marketers. His software has more then 1,300,000 synonyms and it's database is growing fast by it's users. As of these days, this is the best article spinner around. You'll be able to master this software in no time and it has all the features you'll ever need to get unique versions of your article built in.

Now, referring to google recent update, to spin your articles isn't enough any more. I'm still using the best spinner software and after I have some different versions of my article, I'm trying to read it and to change the paragraphs order, to place the images or my links in different places and by using the html version of the article it's quite an easy job to do. Although it takes more time to spin my article the new way, it results in getting the links I’m after as google is indexing each and every version of my article and again, i'm starting to get traffic from my article marketing campaigns.  

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