Web Traffic – How Can You Laverage Facebook to create Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website?

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Traffic, Traffic is that crucial factor that might decide if you'll make money online or will keep on dreaming about so, let’s talk about creating free traffic.

Today, to survive in the competitive environment, you need to take help of social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc.

It’s a fact that Facebook has more than 62 million subscribers and actually more then 400 million members across the globe, and just as you are reading this, hundreds more are being added. For your business, it means you have ample scope to funnel qualitative free traffic.

Let’s check out how you can do this.

Create Facebook Group
Now, in your Facebook page, you have an option called ‘Groups’.  Create your ‘group’ and name the group according to your business. For example, if your business is about 'website traffic', you can create a group called ‘website traffic’. Just think about using your online business keywords for the group name as it'll become a part of the facebook group url.

Send message to all your friends
Once you have created a group, send a message to all your friends. Try to send a personal message, not too long, just telling about you and what your group is about, and a request to join the group.

Now, as per Facebook statistics, it is said that each person has an average of 147 friends. So, say you send a message to 147 friends, and let’s say about 50 people join your group. Now, when these 50 people join your group, Facebook will announce it to all their friends, i.e. 50×147=7350. Imagine the exposure?..

Now, time for the viral effect to start. Out of 7350 people, let’s say, only 2000 people join your group, now again, it will announced to all the friends of these 2000 people, and the chain reaction will continue, and you will have lots and lots of people who are seeking ways to increase traffic to their website, join your group of 'website traffic'.
Now, the fun is, Facebook will give you email id's of all the people who join your group, and as such, you can send them an email directly to their email boxes. If you are promoting an affiliate product, or your own product, you can send your offer to all the people who have joined your group.

Also, Facebook is a social networking site. So, your group members are friends and friends of friends. And any offer coming from friend will definitely fetch more attention than if it came from an unknown source.

Again, all those who have joined your 'website traffic' group are highly interested in web traffic and will definitely be interested in any products or services related to seo, web traffic or make money online niches. So, you see, within matter of just a few days, you will have highly targeted free traffic by creating a simple group on Facebook.

Now, you can even make it better, and for that, it would be advisable that you don’t start selling your product immediately on forming a group. Instead, send your group some high quality content, interact with your group, ask them for their comments, and assume a role of a leader.

Have a time gap of say 15-20 days before you make any offer, and then, send them your link, again with a personal message, and you will see that conversions would roll in instantly, and the conversion rate would be much, much higher than your traditional marketing means.

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