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Make Money Online  The internet has opened a world of opportunities for anyone with basic knowledge to make money online. Today all you will ever need is some motivation to make money and an internet connection if you want to start an online business. As your online business grows you can invest in more equipment and staff to handle the large orders that come your way. As mentioned before, there are several field on the internet that you can specialize in and then make money online instantly without any investment. Seems too good to be true? Then read on.

 The online money making business has today become one of the fastest growing job giving industries. The major benefits of such a business is low cost investment, cost effectiveness of your business, total flexibility of timings, capability of reaching a global level within a short period of time and low overheads. You can now set up your company in just one week and start earning money.

 Before you begin your online business the first thing you should do is find out your level of expertise and what type of jobs you are interested in. For example, if you type a simple query such as “Online money making jobs” in search engines like Google then you will surely find thousands of results. You will then have to make a decision about what type of online business you are interested and which business will give you good money for your investment in terms of time.

 You can also check obbut the various websites offering freelance jobs. The best part of these sites is that you can become a member without paying any fees and the online jobs are put up in different categories. You can simply click the categories of the jobs you are interested in and then place a bid. There are thousands of members registered on these sites and they have to make a bid in case they want to win the job. The employer will read thorough the bids and then decide which member will do his job.

 The freelancer website is just one part of the whole big picture of making money online. There are hundreds of other ways to make money online. However making money online successfully requires dedicated investment of time and energy to maintain your reputation in the market. Just because you are not working in an organization does not mean that you don’t have to abide by the rules. You can make a very good name with your online business if you submit your projects on time.

Some of the most common jobs to make money online include data processing which normally involves entering data into forms as well as classifying data, article or reviews writer and affiliate marketing through websites like click bank from where you can do marketing for thousands of products and services and earn commission for sales done through you. Then you can also do search engine optimization for companies where the efforts are concentrated on making the company’s brand and website popular on search engines.

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  • Vinita Buzard

    Hey, Thanks for this nice post.

    As an owner of online business this information is very helpful to me. I own Discount mp3 players store and I'm learning SEO methods to increase the visitors of my store.

    I have a question about SEO, does Image SEO optimization really bring traffic? is it really worth a time it takes to optimaze all the images? I mean, yes you can rank in google images well with your images but, does it really bring traffic?

    Thanks for this post, it was very helpful.


    • Ziki De Naim

      @Vinita Buzard,


      The optimization process of images for the search engines should be an integral part of any web page overall seo process. Although images traffic might not be as targeted as the traffic we are after, it brings in traffic and in a long term, it helps in building links to your website. You can check your website's links traffic stats and I’m sure you will find that images brings in traffic.

      A smart way to seo images is by using your site's main keywords and diverse LSI keywords to name the images, it will help to increase the overall keywords density of your web page.

      You've mentioned an e-commerce site, well, for an e commerce site I find it very important to seo the products images by naming the images with the product description, model, name or even adding their serial numbers. Google will index the images data you are providing and it will increase the product page/link ranking in the search engine results page so it will help the searcher to find what he was after.

      Hope it helps, Cheers

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