Using Psychological Triggers with Words Of Profit

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Using Psychological Triggers with Words Of Profit

Words can have a significant influence on how we react to things, let’s take that a little deeper and look at some ‘hot buttons’ that you can press to guide people where you want them.

They are known as ‘psychological triggers’ because they trigger certain actions or thoughts in us consciously or unconsciously, they can be words, images or sounds. People use them all the time – not just in sales, but also in day to day life, we’ll speak about both uses as we go through.


This is an easy one to spot as it has sprung up everywhere. Association is a trigger where the person using it wants you to associate a certain emotion, a certain thought to the use of their product. The best example is using good looking successful people driving cars, you unconsciously associate the beautiful person with the car so you think that by driving that car you will either appear better looking and more successful, or that you will be able to attract those kinds of people after you buy the car.

That is why attractive female models are used shamelessly to advertise cars to men, sure the model grabs the guy’s attention that’s true, but he also mentally thinks that if he gets that car he could attract that kind of woman.

TV adverts do it all the time. They build up a certain emotion in you with a funny or a moving story etc, then they show their product when you are at the peak of that emotion. If they do that enough then you will unconsciously associate those happy feelings with that product.

So how can you use it in your messages?

Well you could tell a story about how someone who used your product suddenly  became more successful/had a better marriage etc. The person will then unconsciously  associate that effect with your product, so they’ll think they can get the same result if they use your product!


If someone gives you something then asks for your help later wouldn’t you feel awful if you refused?

That is what people who use reciprocity count on, it doesn’t work on everyone as some people are happy to take without giving back, but then none of these triggers work on 100% of the population.

The idea behind it is that we have an unconscious need to fulfil a ‘debt’, so if someone gives us something then we feel the need to reciprocate and give back.  This was used by the Hare Krishna’s with extraordinary success in the 70’s, they would give a small gift, a flower, one of their books (or when they did it to me in the 90’s it was a set of incense sticks). After you have taken the gift (whether you want it or not – they just refuse to accept it back) they then ask for a donation. In the interest of reciprocity people often give much more money than the value of the gift they received! I know I did!

Has anyone ever used this on you in your life?

Maybe an old boss who wanted something from you, they approved your holiday just  before they asked you to work late that night?  You’ll see it everywhere once you look for it.

So, what can you give your prospect? Maybe a free book? Even free information, again this is something that worked on me – someone gave me some really great information on how to calculate my ‘lifestyle expenses’, really great technique, the result? I purchased his book a few days later when he offered it to me even though I haven’t even used anything in it yet!

Make sure you don’t go overboard with what you offer for free or just like if your price is too low then they will start to think, ‘What’s the catch?’ and the effect will be lessened, getting round that is the job of the next trigger in your words for profit.

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