So What Should or Shouldn’t Today’s Affiliate Marketer Do?

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There have been tremendous changes when it comes to affiliate marketing and what works for affiliate marketers and what does not. Traditional fast traffic and link building tactics, and what is considered “valuable” content have changed as well as who determines the value of content.

In the land of the search engine, there’s pretty much one giant and that is Google; that makes specific determination on what will still work and what won’t.

This day has been coming for a long time and it looks like there are many more to follow.

In this war for positioning in the search engines, the casualties are not only the article and content farm sites, but the affiliate marketers that use them to build links and traffic to their sites. The old tactics no longer work and as they fall by the wayside, so to do the people that cling to them.

Single landing pages no longer make an affiliate site successful, or able to rank. The link building strategies of small articles with links in author boxes no longer work, and if you’re going to write or pay for articles that are 500 words, why not work your SEO magic on them and put them on a site that can build authority?

I know that many people, perhaps you, are looking to get started in affiliate marketing or another online business using free methods and tools. So let me draw my line in the sand.

You can do a lot of work and make things happen. You can use SEO, link building as well as drive traffic and over time increase your search rankings. People have been successful doing this in the past, but it is not happening now for many people at all.

So what should or Shouldn’t today’s affiliate marketer do?

The problem lies with the way you are taught to do affiliate marketing. So in reality, you’re being set up for failure right from the start. With Google updates and the ever changing Internet, what used to work no longer does.

Today’s affiliate marketer faces bigger challenges than before. And bigger challenges require greater strategies.

So what is a strategy you can employ to help increase your chances of success? Keep reading – I’ve got one for you today.

When it comes to picking and going after a niche, how many times have you heard this strategy?

  • Find a product in ClickBank with a high gravity score.
  • Fire up Market Samurai and do some keyword research.
  • Pick your keywords based on low competition and some number of monthly searches.
  • Buy a domain name with the keywords in it, or if you can’t get the exact one, add a few letters or another word to the end to it.
  • Create an awesome sales page that links to the affiliate offer.
  • Build links to the website.
  • Using article marketing.
  • Make sales.


Does this sound familiar? I’ve heard and/or read this exact strategy over and over again in product after product. And do you want to know something? This approach gets little to no results. This strategy is missing a huge ingredient – not just the audience; but targeted audience.

  • Other key ingredients to attract your audience:
  • After buying a keyword rich domain name, build your sales page with a call to action to the affiliate page.
  • Write or buy articles and post on blog or website.
  • Write or buy articles, spinning and submission service.
  • Buy RSS submission service.
  • Build Squidoo lens; about 3 of them.


Ok, these might sound like the obvious things that other affiliate marketers are doing and the answer is yes.

To stay above the competition, you need to go a step further by following these steps below:

  • Do more extensive research that involves varying keyword tools.
  • Set up an automated system for both your targeted audience and competitive intelligence using varying online sources and social media networks.
  • Place a survey on your home page.
  • In addition, add an email opt-in list after the survey.
  • Add an opt-in list on our blog as well.
  • Buy more article writing, spinning and article submission service.
  • You should see a major improvement in your traffic.


The survey will give you enough information from your audience to update and make changes to your webpage.

You will also know:

  • Precisely who you are selling to.
  • Which affiliate product or program will work for what your audience needs.
  • What will sell.
  • Which ads and articles are gleaning the most results.

If the same thing that you have been doing is not working for you anymore; you have to stretch yourself and create other tactics that you can test drive to accommodate the growing changes of internet and affiliate marketing.

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