Tips on How to Balance Time with Family and Blogging to Make Money

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Blogging for some people can be quite addictive and because of this factor there are some who almost forgot to spend time with their family and frankly speaking, I am one of those people who lost track of time due to the wonders and fun of blogs.

Why do I blog? The first reasons why I blog is to earn extra income. This opportunity to earn while doing the things I enjoy the most, which is sharing my thought and views by blogging is more than compensation enough for time wasted and additional electric consumption because of my computer.

But frankly, I find blogging so much fun that earning from what I do best and enjoying it is no longer a means to an end. However, this should not also excuse me for neglecting the most important part of my life, which is my family. After all, no matter how much or what this work entails if I cannot give them the time that they need – everything is meaningless.

So I devised a way to balance my time between my blogging and family, and these are what I will share in this article. The following tips are a few ways to make certain you are not neglecting anything important your life.

Check Your Priority for The Day – if you are a father, the best thing is to do everything you need to do first for your family the earlier the better.  Once you have done your task for the day, you can spend a couple of hour’s online blogging, another couple of hours in the afternoon and blog all you want at night to your heart’s delight.

Choose Interesting Topic to Blog – Blogging is not just about writing anything, although it is the purpose of blogs, but if you are earning from this your natural thought would be “how to get more people to my site.” It is already well-known that if you have no visitors or just a few, there is only a small percentage for you to earn and maybe none at all.

The key to earn online is to get more people to your website or blog, most especially if your blog is monetize. To achieve your goal and maximized your earning potential, the best thing is to write only interesting article with the right tags or keywords to boast ranking in SERP. If your blog is getting the right exposures due to the quality of your articles, you won’t have to spend so much time writing and monitoring your blogs all the time.

Keep Weekends to yourself and Family – Everyone needs a break once in awhile, so if you are working from Monday to Friday why not keep the weekends free to enjoy with your family. Besides, new ideas or topic for you blog could present itself if you relax.

These tips my not seem that important or too small to merit the interest,  nevertheless since it worked for me and the fact that it somehow made me more productive in blogging, then I may be doing something right.  Keep in mind that small things are sometimes the most vital thing in our life.

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