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Affiliate_marketing_ReportAffiliate marketing is what you do when you promote products and services on behalf of another merchant. The merchant can be a store, or it can actually be the inventor of a certain product. When you sign up to be an affiliate, Click bank, commission junction, link Share etc. you're given your own unique affiliate code. You embed this code in all the promotions you do online, so that whenever someone clicks on one of your links, the merchant will know that prospect came from you. If the prospect you sent makes a purchase, you get a commission on the sale. Sometimes those commissions can be pretty hefty! There are affiliate marketers that make $10,000 a month and more!

You can start affiliate marketing today. It doesn't require any special skills or equipment. All you need is how to find the right product to promote, and a knowledge of how to promote effectively.

Some people start affiliate marketing with no money at all, simply using free blogs to promote their affiliate products. However, it takes a while for traffic to start coming in this way, so you need to be patient if you choose to go that route.

You'll do much better much more quickly if you have your own website on your own domain name. Fortunately, you can get both for less than $20.Unlimited BlueHost com domains hosting is my favourite, and you can get a blog/website set up within minutes by simple script function from your cpanel . Search engines pick up these types of sites pretty quickly,

If you are going to use a blog you can install some powerful plugin's that will help to get quality  back links and traffic you need to make sales a lot faster.

These days i'm publishing a list of my favourite plugin's that I use in most of my blogs, some of them are common plugin's that you can get from wordpress org – and other powerful plugin's you'll be able to get after reading “my favourite plugin's blog posts series” that I will be publishing almost every day during the current month.  

There are literally dozens of creative methods you can use to promote your affiliate products…far too many to list all of them here, but the one that working very good for me is by writing and submitting articles to the main articles directories.

By investing into your real home business to buy a comprehensive affiliate marketing training, you'll be putting yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your competition. Invest in yourself intelligently, and you'll be well on your way to making good money online.

The most comprehensive affiliate marketing training “The ClickBank Code” was created by Michael Jones, a well appreciated affiliate marketer and products creator and I give it my highest recommendation. I used his methods and still using them in almost every promotion and it works like magic. You will be able to learn everything from choosing the right product to promote, highly effective niche research techniques using various free tools and traffic generation techniques.
Or.. to start by

Signing up to receive "The Affiliate Marketer's HandBook" which outlines Things All Affiliate Marketers Need To Survive Online.

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    You can also take a look at the larger affiliate program networks such as Commission Junction to evaluate a potential vendor before you jump into a affiliate program. Also, joining an affiliate program through an existing network means there are more eyes watching the merchant, which serves to boost the standards of the merchant’s selling practices. Informed affiliate marketing means more income dollars rewarded to you in the end.

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