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Since i've started blogging i was scrambling every day to try to drive more traffic to my blogs, increase their newsletter subscribers and increase their revenue.  I've tried almost anything from ppc to article marketing and it seems that content syndication brought me the best results, With this article, you'll discover what content syndication is and how it could benefit your blog.

Content syndication is when you give permission for your copyrighted content to be posted on other people's sites.  One of the most commonly used methods for content syndication on the web is submitting unique content articles with a link or two to your site in it to the main article directories such as EzineArticles, GoArticles etc. Other people who are looking for good content for their own site can use that article providing that they leave your article bio box intact. 

Another method of content syndication is to create accounts with the various Web 2.0 sites and post your content to them.  There are many, many sites available to do this with these days.  This method, however, is very time consuming if you want to post your content on more than a few sites.  You can outsource it, of course, but if you pay by the hour, it could get rather costly because it will be just as time consuming for the worker you hire.

The benefits of content syndication for your blog are tremendous, though. You can increase your traffic to your blog, increase the number of subscribers to your list, increase your sales and revenue, increase your presence, authority and branding; and increase your rankings in the search engines.  That is how powerful content syndication can be.

Content syndication will increase your traffic by extending the reach of your content.  When they see and enjoy your piece elsewhere, they will naturally want to read more of what you have to say and so will click through the link to visit your blog.  While they're there, they will see more of your excellent content which will result in an increase in subscribers and sales or revenue. 

With each piece of content syndicated, you gain another backlink to your blog.  These backlinks are like votes, telling the search engines that people like your blog.  This results in your blog rising in the search engine rankings.  Between being higher in the rankings plus all the content you have out there, you gain credibility and authority in the eyes of the reader. 

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