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This is the first blog post of a complete internet affiliate marketing series, and i will continue to post once a week with a new chapter where i will cover all areas of my super affiliate training from building the foundations of your affiliate marketing online business to Google updates, local businesses, article marketing effectiveness, link building strategies, SEO (search engine optimization), social networks marketing to buying media.

Getting started in affiliate marketing is really quite easy, but too often, many people mistakenly think it’s a lot easier than it actually is. In most cases, the only thing you need to do to join an affiliate program is to fill out a form. That’s the easiest part that there is, But there is still work to be done if you are to be successful.

Niche Research.

The first objective is to find a profitable market or niche. This can easily be done in Google or by reading magazines. Let’s start with Google. Do a search for any topic that interests you. Interest in what you hope to sell is important, and later, you will learn why. Make a list of things that interest you, and do a simple search in Google for each thing.

Pay close attention to the sponsored ads. This tells you that money is being spent in this market. Now, do a little logical thinking. As a business person, would you spend money on advertising that is not making you money? Absolutely not!  So, if there are sponsored – paid – ads for a topic in Google, money is being spent in this market, which means that there is profit.

The same is true with magazines. Visit your library and look at the past three issues of a magazine that relates to your interest. Pay attention to the ads. Do the same ads keep appearing? If the answer is yes, this is a profitable market, and you are ready to move forward.

What about the competition?

What about them? 90% of all people who sign up for an affiliate program will not do anything to market it at all. Of the 10% that will market the product, 90% of them will do it wrong, and won’t make much money, if they make anything at all. The competition just decreased in size by leaps and bounds. Don’t worry about the competition. Concentrate on promoting your affiliate products and services to the best of your ability – let the competition worry about you.

Once you’ve chosen your market, or your niche, you are almost ready to get started, but there are several other things that you need to do before you can call yourself an affiliate marketer. First, you need to make sure you have the right tools. Then, you must find the programs, understand the terms of the programs, and finally understand how to choose the right programs.

Affiliate Commissions – Know your numbers!

When you look at affiliate programs, commissions should be one of the first things you look at – the commission per sale. Again, this may be portrayed as a percentage, or as a dollar figure. If the commission is presented as a dollar figure, it is important to locate the sale price of the product, and figure the commission percentage.

Typically, you want to go with affiliate programs that offer a 50% commission. If the product is high priced, you may consider going as low as a 20% or 30% commission. But for lower priced products, don’t accept anything less than 50% on the 1st tier.

You should also consider how many sales it will take to earn the income that you desire or require. 100.00 per sale may sound like a lot, but if you require 4000.00 a month to live, you will have to make forty sales each month. This is very realistic for some products, in some markets, and not realistic at all for other products in other markets. Consider what you are selling, and whom you are selling it to, and determine whether the number of sales needed to make the money you require is indeed realistic.

If the number of sales required is not realistic, you will need to either look for something different to sell, or look for additional products to sell. You could also start small – with smaller commissions – and work your way up. This is what many super affiliates do.

Super affiliates often show the product owner/affiliate manager that they have the ability to make a large number of sales each and every month, consistently, and then they negotiate directly with the product owner for a higher commission. They prove themselves by making those sales first, and then they are in a position to negotiate.

When looking at the commission, also consider what it will cost you to promote the product. You cannot afford to spend more on promotions than you are making in commissions – obviously. Know your numbers!

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