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SEO NamePublishing content just for the heck of web traffic is not a good idea. This is the main reason why Google made their Penguin recent update – because a lot of sites auto publish content just to attract more visitors from the search engines who will visit their site and give some impressions and clicks to their webpage ads.

They don’t really care about the quality of the content as much as the traffic they are getting from it. We have to always keep in mind that people want real, useful, quality and updated content – and Google is just trying its best to deliver us that which we desire. True, there may have been some unforeseen and perhaps unjust casualties, but that’s why it’s called a ‘change’, I’m sure Google will try to patch things up in due time.

You should be more mindful of the things that you publish. Make sure you only use your unique content, original and helpful to people versus spun content. Don’t use private label rights articles published by hundreds trying to suck-up to search engines as some people do. If you have local content farming websites, try to look at which keywords you could grab from them when the Panda update is implemented in your country. Perhaps you can be the one to rank first for that keyword phrase that you want since they’re getting kicked off the search engine results pages (SERP).

In the end, SEO is a zero-sum game. SEO has a new name  and its SEO popularity. If the content farms are getting kicked off the SERPs, then the real content producers get to rank higher. Take this golden opportunity to rank your sites for their search terms.

Tips for Keeps:

Start looking out for local content farms in your related niche, I’m sure that you’ll be able to find many. Look at some of the articles they are ranking for in your niche just for getting ideas, create unique content based on it that will allow you to rank for the same keyword or keyword phrase and you’ll be amazed by the opportunity that Google updates presents for real content bloggers and writers.

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