SEO Linking Strategy To Increase Website Traffic and Gaining Rank in Google!

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Today many SEO marketers believe that increasing the web page ranking in search engines like Google can attract quality web traffic and hence bring in revenues for the website. One way to increase the ranking is by increasing the amount of links on high quality websites. When users click on these links they are led to your website. There are two categories of links to post on various websites.

The first category is called one way linking. In this case you simply post a link on high quality websites such as the resource box of article directories. Clicking on the link leads to your website. The other category is known as two ways linking where your website and the other website agree to post each others links in their respective websites. Both these categories help towards two way linking.

One common mistake that majority of the people make it put the same keywords for all the links and the links just point to the home page. However the best way to build links is to put in different keywords (LSI) with about 30% of the links leading to other significant pages for your website.

The theory goes that Google begins to disregard websites that have too many similar links with the same anchor text leading to the home page of the website. The anchor text should in fact be varied and different links should point to different pages in the website.

This is the best way to increase your website popularity with link building. Google post Panda update is also an expert in detecting any type of duplicate content in different resources and if it finds your content that way then it may lead to supplemental results.

This is turn will not be able to deliver the same amount of results that the primary results can get for your website. Apart from submitting your links manually to the resource box of article directories, forums and blogs you can also take part in 3 way link exchange programs. Here you can request for exchange of links from other websites.

As mentioned before, you should play around with varying your content as well as titles, links, descriptions, keywords and anchor text. The more you rotate these aspects the more are your chances of making it on the top in search engines. You can also post to your blog several times a week as Google declares blogs its favorite destination. You can then bookmark your content on the blog for extra backlink flow.

Tools like Digi Traffic Accelerator can do the bookmark process for you automatically and it will generate about 500 incoming links in about an hour.

Today many people are also creating videos to showcase their content and then develop links. You can post your videos with descriptions to special video websites such as YouTube and other video sharing websites. You should also concentrate on video bookmarking. This will give your website more exposure on the internet and here you can also use the traffic accelerator WP plugin.

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  • Adroitsujit

     Google ad sense can increase website traffic to your site. There are many SEO companies that are providing seo services to business owners to increase website traffic to their sites and their main goal is to take their websites at the top of Google search engine rank.

  • Adroitsujit

    You can write blogs and can post links in your blogs to increase website traffic to your
    website. There are many users who love to read to blog and it may happen that
    if your topic is interesting and
    relevant to them they may read your blog and if they find your blog
    interesting and attractive then it may happen that they see you information and
    click on the link that will increase web traffic
    to your website and help you in doing effective internet marketing of your product and services.

  • Roarsinc2011

    ya, SEO does different submisssion in different ways to their site, use effective keywords for that & Increase their website Traffic.Mostly use Google as a search Engine.

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