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social-media-tools.jpgFacebook is the most popular, most visited site in the world and has huge authority and huge SEO potential especially since the recent algorithm changes to Google.

The future of SEO has a lot to do with social media. Everyone has a Facebook page and a Twitter account and the sites are still growing at an amazing rate. The internet itself is still growing at an amazing rate, and 90% of the time all internet users spend online is on social media sites. By that I mean Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google Plus, Yahoo Answers, StumbleUpon, some of the newer ones like Pinterest, Instagram and many smaller ones.

Google is realising that their users want to see social pages in the search results, particularly for big name celebrities, TV shows, television stations and companies. If you google any public figure or brand name, the odds are that their Facebook page, Twitter profile or You Tube video channel will be on the first page or all three of them.

Google Plus is currently the fastest growing site in the world, and took off at an amazing speed gaining over a hundred million new users in the first year or two. The point is, these sites have massive authority and it’s easier to rank a Facebook page if done with a good knowledge of SEO than any other sort of site.

Some would say that it’s better to rank a regular site than it is to rank a Facebook page because you can make many different pages on the one site, and it doesn’t require a click-through before they get to the main sales page. But, given the fact that it’s so much harder to rank a regular site and that you can put custom tabs on a Facebook page with Pay Pal buttons, and a whole mini-site on your page without the visitors ever leaving Facebook, it makes sense to learn how to do social media SEO properly.

Ranking Your Social Media Pages

A Facebook page is like a regular website, you can build back links to it from the regular sources, high quality articles written on high authority sites like Ezine, HubPages, Yahoo Contributor Network, Squidoo, Info Barrel, Knoji, eHow, Guardian, Examiner, Go Articles,, blogs like Typepad,, Blogger, and self-hosted sites made on individual hosting companies using platforms like, Weebly, or any one of a number of different site builders or on your own domain name.

If you’re going to make a full site like that, you need to be prepared to update it fairly regularly or it can lose it’s ranking power and linking power. Guest posts on high authority relevant sites are great if you can get them as well. The other thing is, you have to get a ton of likes on your page either through social swapping sites or through a Facebook Ads campaign.

It takes skill to get targeted likes or to get cheap likes to build the numbers. Likes are do follow, high page rank cross links within Facebook, and while the links to outside sites are no-follow, they aren’t within the site.

The engagement and activity of the fans is fairly important for your rankings especially in a Facebook search. It’s important to fill up every section of the page with high quality and relevant content such as a long description, and many photo albums with descriptions.

Comments are good to get, likes on posts and photos, and it’s good to get an exact match URL for a title that has a good exact match monthly search volume on the Google keyword tool. You will want something that has at least a thousand exact match searches a month, and check that the first page results on Google for that phrase don’t have huge page ranks. You can do this by using a tool like the SEO Quake Firefox or Google Chrome plugin, or the plugin from SEO Book or SEO Powersuite. These are fee to download.

(Moderator note about exact match domain names – EMD: Please check Matt Cutts view about getting EXD.)

By also linking multiple other Facebook pages to each other by using Facebook as one page and liking the other with that page, you can create a mini-site with multiple pages all linked together for easy navigation.

There really is no limit to how large a search you can rank for if you know enough about SEO, and what signals Google is looking for to determine that a Facebook page is so popular that it deserves celebrity status and ranking on Google.

A beginner may have a lot of trouble with this sort of thing, but you can find all the information you need on Google, or you can seek expert help and coaching from an expert in this area.

If you hire the wrong person, like an SEO using out-of-date link building practices, you may find that these spam links from content farms permanently damage the rankings of your page, so it’s very important not to concentrate on price, but to seek out advice, services and coaching from experts who can really get results.

Rowan Casey is an expert in social media marketing, and has also been studying the changes in SEO for over five years. Among other things, he buys and sells real, random Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, You Tube views, Instagram followers, Pinterest followers, SEO services, internet marketing coaching and more, from the most reliable sources.

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