SEM – How to Use Search Engine Marketing Properly to Rank High In The SERP?

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SEM or search engine marketing is one way to help webmaster and marketers know about SEO and other marketing stuff that is essential to the growth of the online business.

A good SEM – how to marketing campaign is one way to make certain that your website will rank, but in order to do this you must know some of the marketing techniques that could optimizes your site. Below are the following basic search engines marketing strategies to rank in the search engine results page (SERP).

SEO Tools – It is hard to get started if you have no idea about SEO works and even if you do the job can be overwhelming, so the right tools to help you with your search engine optimization is a must. Free website tools such as Google keyword tool can provide you with keywords to use for your marketing campaign and linking ideas

Keyword research must be done very carefully while paying attention to various aspects of the keyword such as global monthly searches, competition etc. My advice would be that while doing your keyword research using Google keyword tool. Be sure that descriptive words or phrases (use synonyms) is selected, then enter your main keyword in the text box and press the "Get keyword ideas" to get the additional keywords ideas. These are LSI keywords that you can use in your content to safely add to the strength of the main keyword.

You'll get a list of keywords that are related to the main keyword. Scroll down until you come to "Additional keywords to consider" – LSI Keywords. Write down the main keyword or keyword phrase and sub keywords and refine your research for every one of them while writing down their sub keywords and their LSI keywords suggested by the tool.

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. They appear in the lower table just below the main keywords results, According to Wikipedia, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method that uses a mathematical technique called Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to identify patterns in the relationships between the terms and concepts contained in an unstructured collection of text. LSI is based on the principle that words that are used in the same contexts tend to have similar meanings. In simple words, LSI keywords are just words that relate to your main keyword or keyword phrase and the search engine gives them additional importance so you should use them in every optimization process.

Although some SEO experts would say that you shouldn't pay attention to the keyword density, I still think that although the search engine pays less attention to the density issue, it would be better to keep your keyword density around 2% – 3% and if you are using LSI keywords in the optimization process, your web page would have better chances to rank high.  

Social Media Marketing – This is one marketing tool that I can not live anymore without and you can tap effectively as the number of users online that patronizes this are growing everyday and if you become successful with it, your website will go a long way. But before deciding to jump into the bandwagon you must try to know everything about social media marketing first before anything else.

If you are using a WordPress blog, you can install social media plugin's that will do most of the work by spreading the word every time you click to publish a post. ( you'll be able to read more about my favorite WP plugin's in the WordPress plugin category published throughout the current month).

Site Structure SEO – Knowing everything about search engine and how spiders store information can bring you a long way into marketing your website. So make friends with so called crawlers as this is crucial to your SEO works.

Video Search – SEO'ers and a growing number of internet marketers have seen the potential of video to market their products and this is a good leverage for your business. There are also optimizations to be done with video and thus knowledge is essential to become successful with it. Personally, I'm not using video so much for my SEO purposes but for my clients. I used to be a professional musician/blues guitarist and I’m sick and tired of being in the lights, that's why I'm hiding behind my top :). Anyway, a little tip for optimizing U-Tube video pages.

When you create a video and if you are using Camtasia, you can and should place a clickable link at the bottom of the video or at least at the end of the video. If you plan to upload a video to U-Tube you should try to optimize that U-Tube's video page and it can be easily done by making sure you use the description box in a wise way. You want to start by placing an anchor text using your top keyword linking to your site in the title of the description box, just below, write a short or long description, it can be some phrases or better, a full lenth unique content article of 400 – 500 words using your main keyword and two other LSI keyword throughout the article.

You can link a second time the main keyword to your home page preferably near the end of the article and an LSI keyword to an inner page of your site carrying the same LSI keyword in that page meta tag so you'll have a total of three links in that video page.   

If you have an author page on EzineArticles or on GoArticles you can link to one of these pages instead of using the third link  to point to you site but this is a linking strategy that would be too long to describe here so I will write about it in the future.

Article Marketing – The oldest marketing strategy that is free, easy to do and that is very, very effective if done the right way, however very time consuming as writing is not easy even if you have a flair for writing. In addition, you will need to submit this to article directories with your link indicated in an optimized author’s box. Keep in mind that at least bi-weekly submission of quality and unique content articles is necessary to help your site rank because a onetime submission is not enough to make you successful online.

All these are just some of the marketing campaign that requires a search engine optimization. If you are already overwhelmed by the workload just by reading them think how much time you will need to do all these just to rank. No amount of working hard can make you do all these as we only have 24 hours every day and not all that time can be use to market your website.

SEM – how to rank high is easy with a partner that you can trust? You do not need to be fully knowledgeable but only to be smart by employing the help of a tool or outsourcing the work. If you can allow them to help you there is a possibility to do all these, but you have to ensure that the search engine marketing company that will help you is indeed knows what they are doing.

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