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One way link building has become highly effective for every business owner who wants to increase web traffic. It does take time to build a virtual real estate empire but it is possible with steady work and a growing knowledge of Internet marketing mechanisms. Quality content improves reputation, and makes a functional website valuable. Services and products often prove insufficient: you have to provide information and send a message to reach prospects efficiently.

With article marketing you can increase web traffic by getting more and more backlinks. Let me tell you how this works.

Start by defining your product, service or domain by means of keywords.

Write a 400-500 word article for each keyword. Make this content useful and interesting.

You incorporate either anchor text links or regular URLs in the article content or in the author resource box.

Distribute the articles through submission services and articles directories.

Many publishers use article directories as a resource for documentation, and your materials can thus get further distributed on the world wide web. Free publicity and plenty of exposure come when these materials create backlinks to your website from lots of other pages. Web surfers navigate from link to link and finally land on your web page. This is why article marketing has reached such a huge extent of development in the attempt to increase web traffic.

There are other ways to increase web traffic and they are not related to article marketing. One of the things you can do is to increase the maintenance level of your pages. When not closely monitored, lots of websites lose traffic. The Internet is rapidly changing, and without the possibility to stay updated with the latest trends, clients may seek elsewhere.

Consequently, most effective link building strategies that aim at increasing web traffic should cover both short and long-term goals. If you decide on such an approach, results are not immediate but sure. Make the necessary adjustments if it is the case, and try to plan things really carefully. Consistency in the marketing approach meant to increase web traffic is not the same thing with inflexibility. Stick to the initial strategies, but don't be stubborn and persist in mistakes because they cost you money!

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