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Below is a list of categories that you find on most article sites:

  • Business
  • Writing
  • Cooking
  • Pets
  • Photography
  • Travel
  • Relationships
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Public Relations

If you run your own website and do not use article directories, why not?

One way to get your site noticed is to have backlinks, backlinks, and more back links. Now you can spend hours emailing people if they want a reciprocal link with you, wait a few days for an answer and if it is yes, update your web page with the link. Then spend a few hours every month checking if they still list your link!

A much easier way of getting links is available, and more importantly, they are one-way back links, and so carry more Google Pagerank juice. Now because of spammers in the past that juice is not as strong as it used to be, but it is still way better than reciprocal linking.

The bonus about article submission is that not only do you get passed some Google juice, but your article can be found in normal searches, and if it is captivating, people will click the link in your Bio and visit your web site.

As an added bonus, people can copy your article and publish it on their own website along with your Bio, and so you get a bonus link from that.

Now a little on duplicate content. You do not get penalized for it as some other websites suggest, if you did, the news sites would be screwed! Generally Google will list the duplicate article with the highest Pagerank and at the moment that would be Ezinearticles. So I recommend you submit your article to them, wait until it is published, and then submit the article to all the other directories.

If you are just after Google juice then duplicate content is fine as you are only interested in the b>back links. If you are after clicks from the article as well, then you will need to rewrite it for each submission so it is not flagged as a duplicate. You can use free software such as DupeFreePro for duplicate checking.

If you are lazy and want to use software then I personally use Answer Analyst which not only gathered keywords base content articles for you but also find answers to the bullet questions for your article.

One other submission site I recommend is Find Articles which is part of a large network, so your article is usually republished.

For manual submission to article directories use:
101 Articles
Ace Articles
Active Articles
Article Beam
Article Bus
Article Cube
Article Dashboard
Article Group
Article Hangout
Article Joe
Article Masters
Article Optimizer
Article Pot
Article Rocket
Article Stash
Article Tower
Articles 24
Articles Beyond Better
Articles Factory
Articles Net Article Directory
Best Article City
Buck Wild Status
Content Crazy
ePublisher’s Resource
eZine Crow
GoGet Articles
Goods Review
Just Articles
Mike Serovey
Mini Guides
New Articles Online
Online Home Income Articles
Post Articles
Spin a Silver Dollar
Sticky Article
The Resource Directory
Tell Us What You Know
The Article Net
Times Of Pakistan
Web Content Box
Western Coaches Articles
Zero Cost Articles

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