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1 I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately about Private Label Rights (PLR) content. I used to think that it was only for lazy people who didn’t want to do their own writing. But as I learn more, I’ve come up with lots of great ways I can use PLR in my own business.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, PLR is content that you get from the original author along with their permission to use it as your own. So you can get a great report, put your name on it and have your own product to sell or give away!

The first couple of products I created using PLR only took me about half an hour. There have been a few sales so far from them so that was definitely time well spent. When searching for PLR content to use, I found there were a lot of different types of sites available. Some offered monthly memberships and others offered just one time purchases. So be sure to look around before you decide where to buy.

The site I found that was by far the best was PLRWholesaler. Not only do they have an unbelievable amount of content, but it’s completely FREE.

Most sites charge an arm and a leg for the amount of content that this guy is giving away. And although I haven’t been through everything yet, what I have read is very good quality. It’s stuff you would actually want to use as your own. Since it’s free, I highly recommend that you check out PLRWholesaler and see if they have anything that you can use in your business. There just may be an ebook or audio recording that you could quickly brand with your information and start selling to your list. Check it out and let me know what you think…

Super Affiliate Tip Write your own short viral reports:

If you write your own viral report you’re also establishing yourself as an expert, which will build trust and credibility with your customers. The report shouldn’t read like a sales pitch but instead should focus on providing value to your customers and the information they crave. Throughout the special report include your affiliate link to a recommended products, and perhaps several other affiliate links for similar helpful products. You don’t want too many links and you want to make sure the products you do recommend are all related.

How long should the free report be?

On average 5 to 15 pages is reasonably good, but it all depends on your target market and the information they’re looking for.

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  • Tom Likes

    Until a couple months ago, I hadn't explored PLR, but I ran across a video that got me all excited. Funny thing is, I found PLR Wholesaler too. I picked up some ebooks, and created my first products.

    My imagination runs wild when I start thinking about all the uses.

    I'm going to keep purduing this, and I'll let you know if I have any unique ideas or results.

    .-= Tom Likes´s last blog ..Jackpot! If you use Internet Marketing PLR… =-.

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