Niche Marketing Research: How To Find Profitable Niches In “Site For Sale” Marketplaces?

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Paul Counts, A well appreciated internet marketer just send me a video he posted to his blog about ways to do niche research on “Website For Sale” marketplaces such as,,, and

This is a great video where Paul is sharing his approach of niche research and I’d recommend you to visit his blog and to watch this video at Niche Marketing Research

I know Paul will probably add a new video soon about niche marketing research and I would like to share a few points about the niche marketing research profitability process on “site for sale” marketplaces.

As niche research is done to find profitable niches that will allow us to make money, proper niche and keyword research is an art any online marketer must master in order to have success and to make money.

While there are great and accurate software’s that can help to discover hidden and profitable keywords such as “Market Samurai”, there aren’t really any “accurate niche marketing research” software’s for the purpose of niche research and when finding one, you must complete the research by browsing around sites that Paul is mentioning in his enlightening video and on various places such as Amazon, forums, ClickBank and other affiliate networks etc.

The difference between finding a niche on “website for sell” marketplaces to other places, is that people can see that others are getting results within the niche and making money, that the niche can be profitable and that’s an encouraging reason to go into that niche, of course it’ll depend on your abilities on optimizing the sites content for the search engines, driving traffic and the ways to monetize the traffic.

I’ve been buying and selling on “site for sale” marketplaces for a while and while browsing these sites marketplaces from time to time, I’ve seen the results of niche marketing research within the marketplaces just by Googling the same keywords of the profitable sites that were sold and I’ve even found copied websites.

What I’ve discovered as well, is that many marketers that went into that profitable niche in the first place didn’t achieved similar results, simply because they’ve missed the profitability research factor within the marketplace.

After finding a niche using “site for sale” marketplaces niche marketing techniques strategy you can to complete a niche profitability research simply by clicking on the links of the site and to see where they leads, whether to a CPA, Pay Per Lead, affiliate network etc. and only after checking the profitability of the monetization process and the profitability of the keywords (also Adsense) to decide whether to go for that niche or not.

Finding a niche can not guarantee that money will pour in, you must know how to monetize the traffic you’ll be getting and I would recommend to go into the same process if you’re buying a profitable website as i’ve seen sites that were profitable, went down on profitability by the new owner, simply because the new owner didn’t know how to research the profitability within the marketplace.

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