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Internet Marketing Language

I wasn’t going to mention this as it is not so much about copywriting but about using words in general to influence people. However I think it is such a powerful factor in successful communication that it needs to be mentioned.

The language that you use to talk in your writing is not just about being enticing, about conveying emotion and gripping the reader, it is also about proving you are one of them!!

We all want to be with people who are like us, who like the same things and hold the same opinions, we connect with those kind of people. So if you are talking to someone about a topic and you mention a word or phrase they are used to hearing they will pick up on that and connect with you, if you use words and phrases they are not used to hearing that will create a barrier between you.

For instance in the Forex market then a downwards trend is a ‘bear market’ and an upwards trend is a ‘bull market’, if you didn’t know anything about the Forex language you would not use those terms and it may go unnoticed. But if you are speaking to someone who knows about the Forex market then they’ll pick up if you use those terms straight away!

This is down to research, hang out at the popular internet marketing forums and read the largest internet marketing websites in the industry and try to notice any terms that they use you would not normally see, write them down then sprinkle them into your writing to create credibility and a bond with the reader.

Write first, edit later!

When we write we constantly second guess ourselves, constantly edit things, not only does this make us incredibly unproductive, but it can really destroy your writing style. If you write in one long stint without stopping or editing, then only go back and edit afterwards, you won’t believe the positive effect this will have on your writing!

Your writing will flow so much better, your ideas will be fresher, your
unconscious mind will guide you to write much better work. Then go back and edit like crazy, once you have the framework down you can
start to polish it, go back to put in power words as mentioned later, compare things using a simile, make things more ‘punchy’, it is so much easier when you have a frame to build upon.

Some people believe in this so much they even turn their monitor off as they type to reduce the urge to edit!

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