Is Microsoft Takes Over Yahoo Will Result In….

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The unconvincing issue around the net is the booming domination by the leading players. Google and Microsoft, Microsoft and Google, are there really anyone else in command of the information highway?

Truthfully while Yahoo was never a search engine superpower, it has been containing its own on the net, well that's at any rate until they came across a deal with Microsoft, that is correct, now Microsoft will be taking over Yahoo search Yahoo has been distributing away assets left and right, at least recently, because their current CEO Carol Bartz acquired the helm. Simply instead of adding in the big modifications that this search engine demanded in order to reclaim any of their draw on the net she's in stages traded away flecks of this company bringing down it to nothing more than a lower-ranking presence among the net the equal of AOL.

Microsoft made it seem that this change would benefit both companies in essence they are just eliminating more of the competition which helps them drive their newest venture Bing into a second ranking position to Google, still clearly ranked well above any other competitor.

In the long run though this lack of choice will cost consumers more money since the less competition there is the more companies can charge for their services leaving you no choice but to pay the over inflated charges that they serve up. Ultimately, Microsoft taking over Yahoo search will reduce this once competitor to nothing more than a secondary influence on the web. This means that there will essentially be only two search engines on the web and these players are Google and Bing and that being said this will provide not only an increase in the cost of things like PPC advertising but will also limit the users to finding only what these two search engines deem important.

Since each search engine operates on its own algorithms this will greatly affect web marketing across the board. And while it may have been nice to see Yahoo try and gain a little ground from these two web giants for now it is time to say good bye to Yahoo search. We can just hope that someone else creates a new search engine that can give these two companies a run for their money. There are many ways that a SEO company can be sure that their website has the best possible Search engine optimisation. If you are just starting out and want some assistance with getting your company off the ground log onto

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