How to Use This YouTube Trick to Attract New Patients in Droves

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If you are looking for a chiropractic marketing method that can drive in numerous patients in droves, than you will want to take another look at the new feature recently added by YouTube. Reading this article explains to you a new tool YouTube added not long ago that allows many other people to share your office tour or educational video with their Facebook friends or Twitter followers, with one click of the button. Let’s get started.

How Big of An Opportunity is Using YouTube to Market Your Chiropractic Practice?

Your initial reaction might be, ‘Why should I put an office tour or an educational video about my chiropractic practice on YouTube? How will this help me get local patients?’ Consider these YouTube facts:

• YouTube is the 3rd most visited website in the world
• YouTube is the second most popular search engine, second only to Google.
• The average YouTube visitor watches 21 minutes of video daily!
• And contrary to popular belief, the average YouTuber is NOT a 13 year old pimply faced kid who can’t keep his bedroom clean. The fact is, 65% of the people who watch online videos are between 35 and 64 years of age and these folks are better off financially.

What this means for you: The sheer size and scope of YouTube means that chances are extremely good that local people doing local searches can easily stumble across your videos.

And another thing: Google (at the moment) seems to be in love with online video. If you use correct keywords in your video title – such as ‘Rochester Chiropractor Helps Stop Back Pain’ – chances are extremely good that your video will show up very high in Google searches when people use these or similar keywords. I’ve had many clients dominate the first page of Google within 4 hours of posting a video to YouTube and it resulted in new patients the same day.

What I Love Most About YouTube is the ‘Viral Component’ of It

What I mean is that Joe sees your video on back pain, watches it, and then tells his friend Kevin about it and even emails him the link. After doing some research on this subject, I found this tidbit: 68% of people who watch online videos will in turn pass links to these videos onto their friends and family. This turns your videos into viral traffic machines.

A New Feature Just Added to YouTube Allows People to Share Your Videos Instantly:

YouTube recently added some new share buttons beneath every video. It gives the watcher three share options:

• MySpace
• Facebook
• And now, drum roll please, Twitter

It enables the viewer to send your video’s link to all their Facebook and Twitter friends with one click. This can have an after effect of turning one viewer into 3 or 10 or more, again, with a single click of the button. Twitter is the most recent Social Media Website to be added.

Never Before Has the Ability to Spray Your Marketing Chiropractic Message to So Many People Been Made So Easy

It doesn’t end there. When Mary Twitters your video, now there’s a discussion that goes something like this:

‘Have YOU ever used a chiropractor?’

‘No, have you?’

‘Yes, I love mine.’

‘Who do YOU use?’

‘Oh I use Dr Jones which is why I posted his video.’

This new YouTube feature opens up great networking possibilities.

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