How Google Integrates Social Media Into Their SERP Ranking Algorithm?

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Social-SitesIt’s hard to tell exactly how much impact Twitter and Facebook have on Google search results, but at the very least we know that Google is providing real-time social sharing in the search results especially if you’re using it’s social networks such as Google plus and building links to your YouTube account.

Google’s addition of the Google +1 button and the ability of Google users to block sites take this a step further. Google is receiving about 4 millions requests per month from users to block sites that think deals with copyright infringement or sites that they do not like, We’re lucky though that most these requests aren’t taken seriously by Google although they will launch very soon a new algorithm exactly for that copyright infringement issue.

Anyway back to socials, Although it’s still unclear how Google is using the +1 button in their algorithms, they have stated publicly that users blocking a site can have a negative impact on returns. This again demonstrates the importance of high-quality content.

Some of the websites affected by Google recent updates suddenly realize that they have been relying on Google for traffic too much. Now that they have dropped in the SERP rankings, they’re hanging on loose ropes. They’re trying everything they could to get back in the game.

BTW, This blog is no exception, I didn’t use social media as I should have and the ranking dropped, so trying to find a cure, I have created and connected my blog to Google plus, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, I’m constantly sharing my blog content on these sites and I definitely see an improvement. (So, plus or tweet my post 🙂

The reason behind this is that Google can be too good a source for traffic. It just comes naturally when you have searchable content. Unlike when you’re trying to haul in traffic from social media, you have to constantly work for it.

What happened in the Google Recents Algorithm Update?

Now people realize how harsh Google can be ..and you can’t blame them – they’re only doing what’s right in improving their search algorithm to serve end-users better, and social media has caught more attention than ever.

With the loss of great consistent traffic, you need instant ones to patch it up. What better way to get instant traffic than social media?

Advertise in Facebook, blast links in Twitter, start conversations, run contest campaigns, etcetera. These are what we call ‘work’ and it can hook you some serious traffic if you’re doing tracking right and follow your testing results for better sharing hours, Twitter targeted follower, Facebook group posting etc..

Social media can capitalize on what has occurred with Google. I’m sure other companies would turn to social media for emergency help as they see holes and gaps in their traffic like never before. It has been a major, serious move for Google – and they’ve risk the possibility of some of their market falling into the hands of their main competitor in the web, which is Facebook.

Business will be business and interest in people is what matters. I think Google did a major move in the chessboard as they implemented this update in their algorithm. The good thing about it is that they made the move keeping the end-user’s interests in mind. In the long-run I think that is more valuable than hauling in money from retaining search engine love with the big companies.

If ever they lose some of the big players to social media, I think it’s perfectly fine. As long as they serve up what the end-users want and need then, they’re playing the game to win.

In a recent move by Bing and Facebook to add the social giant’s Likes algorithm to the new personalized Bing search results, Google has reacted and made a move to further the game on social search and included the number of shares from social network sites in their search results snippets as you can see in the picture below:


Clicking on those shared by links will take you to the updates page where you can see all the sharing being done in real-time.

This is a move Google took in order to somehow show people they also care about social sharing – trying to make it matter. But I think that they would let it affect their algorithm as well. I though It’s most probably just going to be added information on the search results but tests prove that it is affecting the search results.

Unlike Bing and Facebook’s tie-up in which your personalized search algorithm and rankings will be somewhat affected by the Facebook likes of your contacts, Post recent updates Google is not standing firm anymore on their hold on the rankings without having any social network activity affecting it.

I think if you are more of a social network marketer SEO specialist, you’ll want to penetrate and capitalize on what Bing is doing because that’s where they are consequently headed with what they are doing with Facebook. They are becoming more visual with the blended results and more social and engaging with the social network activity affecting their ranking algorithm (if personalized results are turned on). SEO is getting more interesting, more social and more competitive.

Tips for Keeps

Watch out for Google’s next move regarding their up-coming social network site to go head-to-head with Facebook’s king-of-the-social-network-hill popularity. It might just revolutionize SEO again in a way we least expect – much like how Facebook and Bing is moving to change the search game right now.


Before the recent updates, it was much easier to manipulate a website’s ranking through article spinning, blog comments and other techniques designed to do nothing more than create links with or without quality content.

With the update, an overabundance of advertising, high quantity/low quality articles content, scraped RSS feeds are just a few of the signals that Google is working into its algorithms in hopes of avoiding such manipulation. They are pretty much the same triggers that would make a live person start to question the value of a site. Google is more focused now on things like quality, site metrics, user experience, sites load time, even typography and design. Therefore, your job as an affiliate internet marketer is to ensure that all of these criteria are in place.

It isn’t rocket science in trying to figure out what these people in social media sites want – conversation. If all you do is flood walls or dashboards and think of it as one way (i.e. you don’t really need to respond and you just have to carry on with your ad campaign), chances are you’re losing something valuable. You’re losing the prospect of future buyers.

Never engage in bad marketing practices; especially when it comes to social media. Even if you’re savvy, remember, you’re not the only smart person out there. People think before they bite your bait too.

Use social media as a tool to generate a following which pulls repeated hits to the pages where they market their products/services. There are three reasons why this works:

  • It builds a network of people which you can regularly tap.
  • It positions you as a figure and as authority worth keeping an eye in to – in these social sites, the results could be rapid).
  • You don’t give people a bad experience which might deter them from your marketing tactics in the future.
  • As an affiliate internet marketer, your concern shouldn’t be just for a one time sale… but for a repeated loyal sale.

So how do you get this result? Well, for starters, contribute or initiate conversations, build relationship and don’t go the easy route of just flooding these sites with your affiliate links.


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