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Happy-Valentines-Day-Wallpaper-03The holiday atmosphere is buzzing around the stores, and everyone wants in on the action. Your competitors are probably coming up with their own marketing strategies, so take heed and start planning for the busiest season of the year. But wait, do you want to stand out in front of the competition or just use the same old strategy from previous years? It’s time to get rid of the standard promotional items, magnets, brochures, postcards and candies. Here is how to approach the holidays in a more creative way.

Optimizing Content

Each season has its own content, so now it’s time to optimize it for Valentine’s. If your customers notice that you are as excited about Valentine’s as they are, they will feel more comfortable and willing to buy on your website.

Revise the description for you everyday products such as jeans, or dresses to create the perfect holiday image. If you described your dress as ”warm and comfy”, consider changing it to ”perfect for that romantic evening in your favourite restaurant”, or anything similar that would associate your shoppers to Valentine’s spirit.

Make it easier for your customers to search for gifts by creating categories and topics for your items. For example, you could take out all the girly toys from your usual toy section and make it into ”gifts for your girlfriend/wife”. The faster your buyers can find the items they need, the more they will buy.

Create a themed guide for buying. There are many activities to do on Valentine’s, and they all involve items that can be bought online, so why not make customers buy in your store? For instance, you can make an article on ”How to prepare most romantic dish for your loved one”, where you will include all the necessities that can be bought on your website. People won’t need to look elsewhere if you provide them with all they need.

Use Social Media Platforms

Valentine’s is a time when people like to take some time and visit their favorite social networks. In fact, Facebook and Twitter get an incredible increase in visits during holidays. Use this opportunity to get your message across. But don’t just stick to Facebook and Twitter, there are other great social networks out there to help you spread holiday cheers.

Pinterest, for example, is a great social network to take advantage of this season. People love browsing through pictures, so why not present them with the pictures of your products? Let others pin on your page and consider making a contest. Who pins the best photo related to a Valentine’s topic get a gift from your store. It is a great way to get in touch with the holiday joy and create a buzz around your page.

Create In-Person Events

There will always be enough attention on virtual platforms so why not make the effort to get in touch with your customers in person? You can host an open house event at your business where you will serve classy wine, heart shaped cookies and other Valentine’s treats. People will appreciate the effort and be willing to purchase something or invite more people over. It is a small investment that can be fun and good for your business.


This article was written by Katrina Barrow. She writes about email and content marketing, social media, online and digital marketing and creative promotional marketing ideas. Her posts are inspired by new trends and online tips for making your small business grow.


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