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super affiliate media-buyingAffiliate marketers are turning to media buying to drive targeted web traffic to their offers. Media buying is a very powerful resource that has the potential to generate almost an unlimited amount of highly targeted traffic to your offers.

The biggest tip I like to give other media buyers (especially those running direct response campaigns) is to think ‘outside the box.’ If I find a site that converts on a particular ad format, I may ask the site owner/webmaster if I can make a custom size that won’t affect any of their other ad placements. This has proven to be very effective as it’s something ‘out of the ordinary’ and helps to get attention. For example, if I have an ad placement converting really good on a particular placement I may ask to purchase unit directly. It’s really surprising how many people will accept this offer as it’s a placement they haven’t been able to monetize.

Of course, you can opt for Google Adwords, but there is a lot of competition in that arena and if you don’t know enough about Google Adwords, you can end up spending a lot of money on advertising.

In order for you to have a long term and successful affiliate marketing campaign on these search engines, you’re going to need a landing page. We will discuss the landing pages in a bit. First let’s look at the major search engines that offer pay per click sponsored ads.

Google Adwords – Google Adwords is by far the biggest search engine and thus delivers the most web traffic through their advertising system. The upside is the huge traffic. The downside is the difficulty in running effective affiliate marketing campaign. Of all the systems discussed in the post, this is the most difficult and is not recommended until you have some success under your belt.

Yahoo Search Marketing – Yahoo Search marketing is a great platform that can deliver some traffic. In comparison to Adwords, the traffic is much less but being able to run a campaign is much easier. You don’t have as rigorous of a process to get your affiliate marketing ads approved to run and because of that I recommend you start with Yahoo.

MSN Adcenter – Microsoft Adcenter is a great system that delivers high quality traffic. By that, I mean the traffic generally converts very well in comparison to Yahoo. The downside however is that Adcenter has a much smaller market share than Yahoo and Google and therefore provides much less web traffic.

This is one of the most important parts of running your PPC affiliate marketing campaign. Years ago, you were allowed to slap together a single page website, put ads all over it and then put it into all the pay per click engines. Now, it’s different.

Google wants to enhance their user’s experience so the users will come back to use their services again.

Websites with the sole purpose of directing web traffic to an affiliate offer get a very low quality score. They call these bridge pages. Low quality score means you will have to pay way more money (almost always unprofitable) for your ads to show or your ads won’t show at all. In fact, if your page is blatantly a bridge page, you risk the chance of getting your account suspended. Therefore, you need to take the time to build a quality website. This is going to take longer than the other affiliate marketing methods, but the rewards can be great since many people have left the PPC platforms after the changes.

To receive a good quality score from Google, you’re going to want unique content. This unique content usually adds value to the visitor’s experience and thus gives you a better score. This content should not just be a single article you wrote up. You need to have multiple pages and a well structured website.

The easiest way to optimize your PPC Campaigns is to use the Google Adwords conversion pixel. You setup the conversion pixel in your Adwords account and then send the pixel code to your affiliate manager (or email contact). Then the pixel is placed on the offer page via your affiliate manager. When you get a lead or sale, this pixel notifies Google Adwords which keyword the person used to get to your affiliate landing page and ultimately which brought in money.

The great thing about this conversion pixel is that after you get 15 or more conversions, you can have adwords begin to automatically optimize your adwords campaign.

You could consider something different for a change to stay ahead of your competitors. PPV (Pay Per View) is a great way to start in the affiliate marketing world! The reason why it’s great to start in is because it takes no landing page (no website) and is still fairly untapped in a lot of the smaller niches meaning big potential for profit!

Compared to PPC and other major mediums, PPV is not as competitive. Direct (Cost Per View) is the best place to start your PPV Campaigns. The reason for this is because they have a low barrier to get in (just $100 deposit) and the web traffic quality is good! If you are just starting with PPV, this is the network I recommend you use.

With DirectCPV, you can direct link and do email capture methods and the results are pretty good with both (although I recommend email capture for best results).

You can contact owners of related websites and ask them to purchase ad space on their website in order to promote your affiliate offer. To get their contact information, you can use the whois (I use to check) or the regular contact page on the website.

Not every website is going to reply back to you. In fact, if you get more than 1 or 2 out of 10 people to reply, you’ll be doing great. That’s why it’s important for you to email a bunch of people.

If they do not reply to your email and the site is valuable to you, try checking the whois database for their phone number. Try calling them… Maybe they were just too busy to reply and a phone call will get them to give you the focus you want.

Media buying ad networks are generally very large groups of high traffic websites. This may call for a significant amount of money upfront, so don’t attempt this if you don’t have the advertising dollars. The upside about the ad networks is that the potential to make like tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands per day is there.

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