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Blogging Blogging is getting popular. Doesn’t it seem like quite a few people you know already have a blog? Thousands of people have blogs for an equal number of different reasons. You may want to start a blog to simply because you want to express your opinions about certain things. You may want to make money by monetizing your content. You may simply want to have a blog so that you can share pictures with your family out of state. What is the blog? A blog or a  weblog is a website, or web page, expressing the opinions and observations of a particular person. Many blogs provide commentary or news related to a particular subject. Others function more as personal online diaries. The blog is a great place to to do informal writing that you may or may not want to share with others. You can use your blog as a private journal that you don’t publish at all. Or you can work on entries privately until you feel they are ready to share, and then publish them. If you wish, you can tag your entries with keywords so that others can find them more easily. You can also choose whether to accept comments or not. blogs tend to reflect the personalities of their owners. They are personal websites, updated very often. A blog is usually updated regularly by its author (the blogger). Blog entries are dated and are usually displayed in reverse chronological order ( the latest entries appear at the top). Before the Internet, many of us had pen pals to mail to every now and then. Today, we can have that with multiple people nearly anywhere. Before blogging, there were other ways for people to communicate online, such as chronicles, diaries, email lists, bulletin board systems, and more. When the Internet came about, users wanted a way to communicate with people all over the world. In the beginning of blogs, they were mainly online diaries of people. Others could comment on the person’s blog, and therefore communicate. Now there are countless different kinds of blogs. They are still those who use it as a digital journal, but there are also corporate blogs, marketing blogs, topic-specific blogs, private blogs, and even blogs that are simply blog search engines! The term “blogging” has become so loose and generalized that it hardly carries much meaning anymore. “Blog” means everything from hobbies to Paris Hilton, e courses to gossips about Robert Plant, from wars live news to the sun of Tahiti and it goes on . The Internet is still in the embryonic stages of standing on its own characteristics. Communication and content presentation strategies still mirror existing models, particularly newspaper and magazine publishing. Email, for example, is merely an extension of existing mail systems. As such, it is about bending a new medium to an existing process and blogs are the same What is blogging? What is blogging? What is a blog? Two simple questions – but they are frequently asked. There used to be a relatively straight forward answer, not any more. Blogging is changing out of all recognition. Let’s try and consider some potential answers to the questions. Perhaps blogging is the act of using blogging software. Well, you are now reading a "blog" but it is not put together with blogging software. So is blogging "writing something from a personal perspective" then? Maybe, but there are several thousand, non-personal, corporate blogs. Blogging is very popular today because it allows people to interact with each other. Blogging has also become a popular search engine optimization (SEO) tool because search engines like Google and Yahoo know that a blog is frequently updated with content or visitor comments, so their spiders visit blogs frequently looking for fresh content to include in their index. Additionally, blog fresh content can be delivered automatically via electronic RSS (Really Simple Syndication) data blog’s feeds. Visitors subscribe to a blog’s feeds in order to stay up to date with fresh content that’s being posted on subjects that interest them. Blog feeds are then read by what’s known as blog feed reader software, widely available for free, so users can scan for recent blog posts of interest on the blogs to which they subscribe. There are now unofficially over 50 million blogs in existence worldwide and the number is growing at a phenomenal rate as the interest increases from, not only home users, but businesses, advertisers and journalists who start to see the real benefits in blogging. These blogs, have spawned over a billion posts on every subject you can think of, from the run of the industry happenings in ‘web world’ to the blog of a call girl, Belle De Jour blog based in London. One marketer has said that "you cannot afford to close your eyes to blogs, because they’re simply the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the Internet itself". The problem is rooted in the fact that a blog has always been a medium that can be used for a whole variety of things rather than a product, the same way that paper is just paper unless you put something on it. And yet we’ve always treated blogging like a product. Sometimes I wonder why social software has become so popular. We’ve never seen a phenomenon like blogs before – 16 million blogs tracked by Technorati is undoubtedly an understatement, because of all the dark blogs out there that are hidden away behind firewalls or passwords. There may be millions of blogs that just don’t ping Technorati – such blogs are ‘invisible’ to their indexing spiders. Who knows how many blogs there really are, but it could well be in the hundreds of millions. Cast your mind back to the beginnings of the World Wide Web, to Netscape Navigator, to the days when a website had to be hand coded and blinking text was all the rage. Back then, the predictions were that soon everyone would have a home page. Everyone would have a presence on the web. The Popularity of Blogging is growing day by day. More and more people are starting their own blogs – be it a personal or professional blog. Become a successful Blogger! subscribe to my Seven Days Blogging Course delivered to your email box, You will learn the exact steps to become a successful blogger and you will be able to start to make money while blogging. You will also want to check my Blog In A Box Blogging

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