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This time I’m posting from the "Top Of The World".

I’m in Tibet for a few weeks of meditation and Vipassana, so I mustn’t talk at all for three weeks (greatmind purification), eating only natural food (trying to forget the taste of my favorite french food), based on plants and  meditating most of the time in a small village  on the Himalayan mountains.. can you picture it?

Every morning i walk for about a mile from the village to a higher point of the mountain, surrounded by green grass which is so bright green from the sun that it’s practically impossible to even imagine that such a green  color can exist. The top of the mountains are white from the never ending snow and it feels like heaven.

Sitting on my Small blanket I’m staying on the same point for about twelve hours – meditating.  I feel so clean, i don’t think anymore , just absorbing, i don’t walk anymore, I’m floating, I’m not talking to anyone including my self, i  don’t hear those inner voices anymore BUT I can clearly hear and see the grass growing and the silence, did you ever hear the silence?

I’m just sitting near God while he is the only one that can hear me playing my guitar and i am telling you he’s the greatest audience ever :).

As this is the tenth day so i can do other things then meditating the whole day, just to be back to the real world for a few hours and since there’s a nice french lady here that will leave today and she promised me she’ll log in to my Getresponse account to send you an email, i took some papers with me to my favorite place and Iv’e decided that i would write about blogging.

I have some quite successful blogs and i love blogging,  I think that in our days in order to be successful online and to make money you should declare the same as i did just right now.

You should Keep people interested in your blog, whether it is a business or personal blog and the key is to attract a lot of regular visitors.

"Persistence" is all it takes 🙂  As in everything you want to be successful in in life!

Many blogs have died because people have just lost interest in blogging.
I receive many emails from my regular subscribers asking me how do you keep on blogging? How come that you have so much to write about? what’s your preferred blogging platform? what are the best  plugin’s to use on blogs? and is it worth the efforts you put into blogging? etc.

So, I’ve decided to write an ebook about it but as it not ready yet (I’m in vacation in Tibet:),  i will complete the book as soon as I’ll be back. The book is mostly about my blogging principals,  it will answer most of bloggers questions. and i promise it won’t be like most of the blogging books you’ve read before.

The main reason for the lack of interest that most of us feel is simply a lack of ideas to post as a blogger.

As I’ve a friend who you might have heard about, Jason Potash from the "Kahuna" inc, Jason is an Internet marketing pro by all means so i simply asked him to participate in posting from time to time on my blog so when i feel the lack of ideas i know that he will have one and vice versa. But, Jason as a fast action guy created the "Syndicate Kahuna" website and blogs plugin that goes with it.
Syndicate kahuna is by far the the fast, free way to feed your blogs fresh content and by joining the content syndication, bloggers can get more links, traffic, leads and influence their blog rankings. Read on..

You might be asking yourself, what is frequent posting? How many blog entries should I make on  a given week? How do I make frequent consistently good posts? What are the reasons for me to post frequently?

So, what is frequent posting?

Frequent blog posting is posting enough to keep your readers interested. Obviously, people will  not want to come back to a blog that hasn’t been updated in months. They want to see  consistent posting so that they know coming back to check the blog next week to see if there are  more posts won’t be a waste of time.

How many blog entries should I make each week? and Why is frequent posting important?

This is one of the tougher questions to answer. It really depends on the purpose of your blog. If it’s a personal blog, a weekly or twice weekly update is an excellent idea. A political/sports/music/religion blog should have 3-4 posts per week.

For a business and Internet marketing/blogging related blogs i would suggest to post every day or at least 4 posts per week. The thing to remember is that fresh content and quality content is what really counts. Posting frequently just for the sake of posting frequently tends to result in sub par posts which people won’t care about. It is important to find a balance/frequent, quality posts that won’t result in burnout on your part.

Blogs are meant to be outlets for individuals  or businesses. They are used to get an opinion  out on something and to engage readers. Readers need to have something that makes them want to keep coming back to a blog. That something is usually fresh content, quality, frequent posts.

How do I create quality postings on a consistent basis?

It’s all about following a consistent pattern of writing and when you’ll get into one, ideas will come and writing will be easier. Maybe you’re not a natural writer and this is difficult. That’s why i’ll give you an outline to help you.

Pick a topic that is interesting to you and to your readers. Maybe if your blog is a personal  blog, you could write about the latest happenings with you, A review about a new movie you just saw, An interesting book you’ve read etc. In a business and Internet marketing related blogs you should write about new products that you’re personally USING, Industry news etc.

But never write just just for the sake of writing about anything you;ll find in the market. To be like everyone is easy and wont benefit you in anyway.

If you are advising to your readers about a new product, a new coaching program etc.  Make sure to use it before, make sure it’ll work for them, make sure there’s really something new in this coaching program and the person you recommend  is worth your recommendations, MAKE sure you  would want someone you trust in to advice you  to use it.

Well the solution and answer to the questions above is that i use per times on my others blog of Forex, ecommerce and music related blogs, (basically niches that i’m not mastered) Jason’s plugin for regular, frequent, fresh and unique content posting, which will keep your readers interested as they’ll know that by coming back or by subscribing to your RSS feed will let them read new posts and interesting content every time they check what’s new.

Using Jason’s plugin doesn’t mean that you won’t need to write anymore, but it will help you to fill the blanks.

You must insist to write your own content as it  is your blog and you’ll need readers to identify  your writing and way if thinking. That’s the only way to become an authority in your field and  that’s is your main target by blogging.

The use of this special plugin will boost your blog’s ranking in Alexa and the search engines as it does to mine and it is essential to the  survival of any blog.

So go ahead and use this free service, install the plugin, set the categories, posting time, name of the author, set it to one post a day and you’ll have professionally written fresh content everyday on your blog to feed your readers and the search engine.

You can add your content to syndicate kahuna as well (as i’m doing) and you’ll be able to read more about the benefits of adding your content on the home page

Here’s your invitation as it’s by invitation Only

There’s two posting options to take into consideration.

The first is automatic/publishing posting and the second is waiting to approve posting.
I’m using the second one as i want to optimize the posts before publishing. In order to  understand the reason why, i will talk about..

"Deep linking strategy"

Deep linking is crucial for ranking high and by doing it we are giving the reader more related content to read while reading the post.

What i mean by optimizing and deep linking is that while reading the post, I’m trying to deep link and to optimize it, i will link the keywords used in the post to relevant inner and older post of my blog.

I can link to a single post title which carries the same keyword used as the anchor text, to a blog page or a product i would want to promote even if the post content doesn’t talk about the product.

I’m just using the relevant keyword as an anchor text to link to the same keyword used on the post/page that promoted the product.

Using the keyword is crucial as this is the correct way to use deep linking strategy BUT do not over doing it as it might hurt you. Three to four keywords deep linking in a post of 700-800 words is the right amount to consider

After you’re done with this step, insert your keywords in the tags section and fill in the SEO platinum box with the post title,description and keywords and your done, now it’s the time to publish your post.

Platinum SEO Plugin


Before writing your content, pick out some keywords that are relevant to your blog. If you naturally use keywords throughout your  post, you will please search engine spiders which will get your blog ranked higher on search engines. Your visitors won’t mind the  use of keywords if they are used in a tasteful  way.

SEO points of view in using your keywords are..

1. If possible try to place your blog keyword that’s relevant to your blog post in the beginning of the post title. if impossible, do not insist, you must take into consideration that the post must be reader friendly in all cost.

Begin writing your post. Don’t limit yourself to a particular amount of words. Just do what’s natural. And if any blog post is hard for you to  continue writing, just take a timeout and relax.  (You can meditate a bit:) )

You should be able to finish the post a bit later on, after you’ve had some time to think things  through, you should be able to finish the post with no problems.

2. Try to place the keyword in the Post last sentence or to end the post with the keyword.

Gaining and maintaining visitors isn’t the only reason to post often in your blog. Catching the  eye of a search engine and achieving a high ranking is another valid reason for posting  frequently.

Most likely, each posting in your blog features some keywords or keyword phrases scattered  throughout it.

Logic says that the more natural keywords you have on a blog, the better. Thus, the more posts you make on your blog, the more keywords you  have on there. And the more keywords you have, the more likely a search engine bot is to crawl your site. The more your site is crawled by bots, the more likely it is that you will have a high ranking  on a search engine.

But always stay within the limit borders of your blog main subject.

Use the Platinum SEO plugin.

I could write hundreds words about it but i simply say this is the absolute SEO plugin, it’ll take care of your blog and post keywords for search engine purposes, so you;ll never have to worry about them anymore.

In your admin panel , go to "setting"  and configure it by entering your blog title, description and keywords.
On every post page you’ll see it down the page so you can add post relevant keywords every time you’re writing a new post. 


In the next "blogging" post i will explain more about others plugin’s I’m using to optimize thepost titles, spam checkers, my special captcha plugin that can make you earn some money using it, other Very important SEO plugin’s, what  plugin I’m using to capture subscribers that’s not as the common ones etc.

A favor i would love you to do for us both and I’ll show my subscribers my appreciation in my mext emails as soon as I’ll be back to the west 🙂  

I’ve prepared a quick survey that i would like to  ask you fill, It wont take more then two minuts to  fill it and it will help me A LOT to target my emails according to your personal interests

Mark Your Prsence Survey


Shhh.. I mustn’t talk, Love,

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