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Why is article marketing one of the most successful forms of website optimisation and Internet marketing?

When it comes to the actual reason there are several factors involved, the most important of which is the obvious fact that the World Wide Web is fundamentally, an information domain where you can locate useful material on just about everything ‘under the sun’!

Good-quality article content is seen as being essential to the long-term viability of every website. No matter the reason for its existence, a website has a story to tell. People want to know what you are promoting, advertising, selling or giving away. Is it pure information, software, hardware, something intangible or something that you can ultimately get delivered by some guy in a big truck? The best way to answer all these questions is to provide the information in an easily readable form and in an accepted format.

For article marketing purposes, articles can be written about almost any subject. Every article should have a logical introduction and conclusion, while the body needs to deliver the bulk of the relevant information. A popular method of formatting individual web pages involves the creation of an article of 500 words, or so, per page. This article needs to contain relevant information relating to the general functionality of the web page it’s on, along with relevant keywords associated with the information which has brought the visitors to the site to begin with.

Search engine optimisation, being the process of preparing your websites and web pages most efficiently, mandates that you follow certain protocols to help the search engine robots rank your page. One of the things that the robot is looking for is appropriate content, and they will scour the article within your page to see that it contains the associated keywords, and also in a process known as latent semantic indexing, additional verbiage related to the main topic. Technically speaking, the robots are very good at crawling your pages and concluding whether they need to bring them to the attention of people searching for the information that you’re providing.

Good-quality article content is paramount for your online business. It’s well worth the investment of time and effort when you consider that you’re trying to meet two goals here. Firstly, you must make sure that the human eye that scours your page likes what it sees and finds the content of your page well-written, educational and informative. Secondly, you must make sure that the search engine robots, in their own special way, also like what they see and scuttle away to amend their rankings so that your site is displayed when somebody searches for relevant information.

Article writing will continue to be the most important method of maintaining great website content and achieving high ranking for your website. Don’t forget, "Content is King"!

Michelle Dale is The Managing Director of Virtual Miss Friday, an Executive Virtual Assistant who assists businesses and individuals with achieving their professional goals. Want to find out more about online business building success strategies? Contact VMF Now!

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