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Welcome to

InterWeb Marketing Alchemy 

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Hello and thanks for your interest in promoting the ‘InterWeb Marketing Alchemy’ products.

You see, as one of our affiliates & jv partners program member, you now can have at your fingertips everything you need to set up your affiliate promotion in the fastest possible time! But.. What if I could make things EVEN easier for you.. and just flat out hand you your very own ready made affiliate offer so you’ll dive straight into making sales today..

So.. If you want to cut out all the hard work and effort that goes into building your first profitable affiliate offer, How would you like to promote ‘InterWeb Marketing Alchemy’ Products and Keep 50% -100% of the Profits.

Looking For a High Quality Platform to Promote?

‘InterWeb Marketing Alchemy’, as the name suggests, are the perfect fit internet marketing training courses, WordPress applications and plugins for every blogger and online marketers and are top selling products!

And as a special opportunity, I’m offering you to promote the ‘InterWeb Marketing Alchemy’ products and keep 50% – 100% of the profits! ..So all you really have to do is send people to your new offer, ..and then sit back and count the sales coming in!

We spent countless days making sure our training programs, WordPress applications and plugins exceeds all expectations, and that’s what your subscribers and the future customers you’ll send are going to discover inside the members area.

Better Conversions

Each of our training programs or WordPress applications, sales funnels are well designed and have a sales video, and/or sale letter created by high ticket web copywriter with a detailed video view of all video training or application’s features.

As experienced developers and online marketers, we make sure that our deep sales funnels can get better conversions, generate higher EPCs and maximize every single lead you send.

Customers Centric

We have created the perfect WordPress applications ..and video training dashboard and I want this to be products that you can feel proud to promote.

And there’s also a huge bonuses and extra WordPress plugins and video training or courses modules, and some additional resources in the members area as well, you will be also providing high value to your customers by offering them something they will appreciate.

JV/Affiliates Tools

There is an entire suite of advertising material such as banners, articles, swipes, reviews and branded reports for each plugin that you can use instantly.

If you already own a website or have a small subscriber list, mail it to your readers, put banners on your website or blog, use pre-sale or review pages, put it on your products download and thank you pages as an unadvertised bonus, send a solo email or use Facebook or Google PPC or other advertising to promote the PluginAlchemy’s applications or our InterWeb Marketing Alchemy’s training programs.

If you are completely new to the affiliate marketing business and you don’t know where to start, follow PluginAlchemy affiliate training and the “How to make money under 24 hours”  – step by step tutorials that can be found in the upper navigation bar links and in your welcome email, and keep on learning the proven ways to profit online and don’t worry, this offer will be there for you as long as you’ll stay with us.

Oh.. and you don’t need to be ‘in the niche’, you just need to know how to market, the rest is literally a piece of cake and we see brand new affiliates pop their cherries every single day.

Why Plugin Alchemy

Great Reasons..

  • 1. – Great reviews and proven conversions …We are always creating leading products that convert. Those WordPress plugins and trainings programs are no exception.
  • 2. – We genuinely do care to see you succeed.  Just ask us for help anytime! Watch for fanatical support especially to new affiliates like you. You may even ask for personal help.
  • 3. – Vast long-term potential. We are adding new features to our WordPress plugins and creating innovative marketing courses and information products, sharing the revenue with members and affiliate partners. Your campaigns will not fizzle if you make the sincere effort to work with us.
  • 4. – Opportunity to win attractive prizes in referrals/sales contests plus extra incentives.
  • 5. – Gain instant credibility and recognition as we’re giving mention to top-performing affiliates (priceless!).
  • 6. – Wide array of world-class affiliate promotional tools to skyrocket your affiliate commissions. We do all the work and you reap the rewards! Exclusive affiliate training materials included in the training center designed to help propel you towards super affiliate status.

Dedicated Customer Support

At ‘PluginAlchemy’ and ‘InterWeb Marketing Alchemy’ we pride ourselves in premium, dedicated, personal, ongoing and caring support managed by myself for every customer as well as our Jv’s and affiliates.

We’re fully aware that our success lies in yours, so from day 1 our goal is to work with you directly, as well as with the customers you refer in order to make sure we both reach full income potential.

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Join InterWeb Marketing Alchemy

Jv/Affiliate Program

No spam promise – only latest and upcoming promotions!
We are going to provide you with actual and important for you
information without spam or fluff.

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..Create your accounts & Get your affiliate link

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InterWeb Marketing Alchemy 
– Affiliate/JV Partners

 Promotions Terms & Conditions

Read Carefully Before Joining Our Program

Please always adhere to these FTC guidelines when promoting our products and services.

The Federal Trade Commission has recently updated their best practices for affiliate marketers, its our position that all affiliates of our products use these guidelines and regulations as standard during their endorsement or promotion.
Please Download and Review the FTC Document for Endorsement Guidelines:

You agree that you are NOT allowed to do the following things if approved for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and agree that any commissions will be forfeited without recourse:

1. Do not use our brand in your domain name. For example: .com .net .org or similar is NOT cool. .com/__ is OK. If you use our brand in your domain name – you will not receive any commission.

2. You are NOT permitted to conduct e-mail promotions in a 3rd party system – all e-mail contacts MUST be your OWN opt in e-mail list. You cannot use safe lists, spam or anything similar.

3. You must NOT run “negative” PPC or iframe domain campaigns such as “Product name / author name scam” or any other method to attract controversial click thru rates that an ordinary person would deem to portray a negative view of the product. This creates a very bad image for our company and the individuals featured in the products and you will be terminated from the program instantly.

4. You should avoid using the raw affiliate link if you can. All affiliates are encouraged to utilize RE-direct links in e-mails and website campaigns and not the direct affiliate link you will receive. This increases conversions for both of us. (But ultimately the choice is up to you).

5. You cannot earn commission on your own purchase. Any ‘self’ purchase commission may be nullified or held back. Things you CAN do (subject to change without notice – please check back here regularly)

6. iFrames, review sites and cloaked domains are permitted as long as they do not contain offensive or negative domain URLs.

7. Affiliate payments will mostly be set as delayed for any affiliate we do not know, for all other affiliates the commissions will be set to instant BUT you will get paid ONLY after the end of the refund policy date (i.e.30 Day). Please describe briefly how you will be promoting and any links to your own websites or Facebook page or to any other resource you can provide us.

8. Don’t misrepresent yourself as a “typical result” or as a “typical customer” when you promote PluginAlchemy’s offers. Be transparent and authentic – We’ll treat your prospects with MASSIVE RESPECT!

9. We run a legitimate business, which means that we always correctly illustrate and represent our product/s and their features and benefits to the customer. Please make sure you do the same. Anyone found using misleading claims, inaccurate information or false testimonials (or anything that does not comply with FTC guidelines) will have their affiliate account revoked immediately.

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