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Guest Blogger - ZikiDeNaim.comLink building, is one of the most effective SEO tactic to climb up the ranking ladder of Google, and as Google likes natural and new ways to build links content development is one of the most effective ways to generate links from reputed sites. Guest posting has been considered as a powerful weapon to fight against the challengers in terms of generating quality links and promoting business to achieve new audience.

While doing the Guest posting, it is better to look at your aims and find those blogs which are of great worth. Here are the ways which will tell you about how to do the quality guest posting. This will ensure you success in guest posting

Merge guest posting and content: To understand why to merge guest posting and content, it is required to know the importance and function of blog posting and content.

Functions of guest posting:

  •  – Delivering the business message to your target audience
  •  – Intensify social signals via content sharing at various social platforms
  •  – Strengthening relations with leaders of other industry.

Importance of Good and relevant content:

  •  – It helps in attaining higher ranking of specific keywords or phrases.
  •  – It helps in convincing the prospects of your knowledge
  •  – Good content helps in getting the desired results

When merging both the content strategy and guest posting, it incorporates both off-page and on-page content goals which are as under:

  •  – Target audience
  •  – Keywords to rank
  •  – The target niche
  •  – Products and services to focus on

Exploring best and relevant blogs for guest posting:

Firstly explore the biggest players in your niche. It will not only help you build a strong profile but also help in gaining recognition. Besides this there are many websites which are interested in contribution. There are many paid and free opportunities which are available online for quality guest posting.
Selecting relevant sites for quality links:

Penguin update has warned all the webmasters about the creation of quality links to get top ranking in search engines. A good guest posting strategy is that which involves picking up of high quality and relevant sites to achieve good ranking. The factors which influence while choosing the blog for guest posting are as follows:

  •  – Sites having domain authority = 20
  •  – Sites having Alexa of 5 million
  •  – Sites having page rank of minimum 2
  •  – Social media followers
  •  – Number of Inbound links
  •  – Keyword rankings

Make your worth:

Explore your strengths in writing and then establish them. Spend some time in writing if you are not perfect in it. You can post it on your own blog and when you attain efficiency and become perfectionist in it, and then you can deliver your ideas to attract the readers.

Strong pitch helps to create great content:

Most of the bloggers have observed that the writers don’t read the instructions before submitting the content. For strong pitch, here are some of the tips which you must follow:

  •  – Understand the tone, topics, target audience of the blog.
  •  – Leave the comments over there.
  •  – Understand and follow the guidelines properly
  •  – Do reply the query which bloggers asks for
  •  – Make an attractive title and appealing descriptions
  •  – Mention links to your posts
  •  – Edit your pitch after writing and ensure that pitch is shorter and easy to read.
  •  – After writing pitch, send it to blogger and wait for his/her response.

Write interesting and powerful content:

Once your pitch is accepted by blogger, start writing. While writing the guest post, you must follow the following tips:

  •  – The headline should be attractive
  •  – You must be clear about what you want to tell to the blogs readers. In other words, readers must understand what you want to convey to them.
  •  – Invest time for research, add info-graphics, images, videos or quotes etc. to make your post more effective.
  •  – Get your post proof read by an experienced editor. The formatting of the post must be according to the demand of the blogger.
  •  – Write an excellent author bio which shows your reader that you are the excellent writer, and he will search by your name (author) next time to view any information.

Promote your content post:

After writing a great content in the form of great guest post, you must post it on the relevant site, which will give exposure to your internet marketing business. It will help you to gain good will from the blog. You can share your guest blog post including links to your site on all social media sites.


Guest posting is one of the best seo approach to attain best quality links for a website, but it is only required to look for the best bloggers and write unique and fresh content which grab the attention and the interest of the readers.

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